Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My cats astro and gibbles

 These are my cats Astro and Gibbles. We got them when they were kittens, they were so cute. We made some nice little toys for them.
 They're brothers. They also had another brother or sister but we could't get it. That doesn't bother me. We loved them so much.
When we got them, they had a lot of fleas. We had to give them tablets to get rid of the fleas. We put the tabblets in their food and a few mins later the kittens had fleas just jumping off them, it was creepy and the cats didn't know what to do with themselves, they jumped and scratched. It was sore! In the end we had a few scratch marks.

This is them Astro is on the right and Gibbles is on the left.

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