Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tiger Beetle

Tiger beetles larvae live in vertical burrows. They hang out at the top and wait for their prey. Once caught they take it to the bottom of the burrow and eat it. Tiger beetles can be found in the daytime. They eat ants. My sister and I fed some ants to them.


earthboysblog said...

Hello bug hunter. My little boys are also very fascinated with all sorts of creepy crawlies. They love to watch ants for hours. Lately they have had a strong desire for bees. So they spread honey all over our dining table and wait for the bees to come, hundreds of them because we live on a farm, and have bee boxes. They don't sting unless they get hurt or feel threatened, my children allow them to crawl on their hands. We get beautiful frangipani worms, firefies, dung beetles and tarantulas, that I will post on my blog once they come out again. In the mean time I will learn much from you blog because I see so many creatures and I don't know anything about them,, until now. thanks for your information.

ananda said...

I liked your blog. I am 9 years old too, and I just read a book, BUG BOY. you remind me of the main character in the book. Happy bug hunting!!!